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The Patrick Mahomes hype train hit top speed last week after the rookie’s final preseason appearance.Cheap Football Jerseys.The first-round quarter back flashed his unvarnished talent, including uncorking a ridiculous 46-yard bomb on the run while getting drilled by a defender.The Kansas City Chiefs’ brass, however, continues to pump the breaks on the Mahomes hype. General manager Brett Veach noted Saturday that the rookie remains a work in progress and well behind Alex Smith in ability to run an offense.”Coach made a statement a few days back, there’s no gray area.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Alex (Smith) is our quarterback,” Veach said, via the team’s official website. “Alex is so far advanced from the mental side of things in regards to his ability to read coverages, to shift to better plays and really play the chess game.

The NFL’s television ratings continue to dwarf college football’s, and most other show’s. But while NFL ratings have slid compared to last season, they have risen for college football. NFL ratings in Week 2 were down 15 percent from last season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Cheap NFL Jerseys.Meanwhile, year-over-year college football ratings have increased, more than 50 percent in several time slots. The NFL has trotted out many explanations for why ratings have dipped the past two years, from the election to hurricanes. Those reasons, though, are not pushing viewers from college football.College football this year has been a better, more exciting version of the sport than the NFL, and viewers have made their relative preference clear.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.The most basic reason is the proficiency of the players. The stylistic and strategic chasm between college football and the NFL has never been greater, and the sport’s current developmental system creates exceptional college football players and unprepared NFL players.

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Last year at this time, we told you that the Dallas Cowboys were the most likely team in the NFL to go from a last-place division finish in 2015 to a first-place ranking in 2016, and that’s exactly what happened.Jerseys From China.Of course, we said that would happen because Tony Romo would return to the field, not because Dak Prescott would have a rookie season for the ages. But hey, either way, the results are the same.Dallas wasn’t the only worst-to-first team in 2016. The Titans also pulled it off, though they missed out on a playoff berth due to tiebreakers with Houston. The Dolphins and Buccaneers also rebounded nicely, with Miami securing its first playoff berth since 2008 and Tampa Bay its first winning season since 2010.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.Meanwhile, the Chargers, Bears, Browns and 49ers each pulled off the “worst-to-worst” achievement, if you want to call it that, finishing in last place again.

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